Article Writing

Establish the articles content and subject. There’s no point in writing an article just for the sake of SCO, write an article that will be read and posh possibly shared by others.
Establish the keywords you want to target and make sure that they are mentioned enough (good kw frequency?) throughout the article without being spammy (explain what is considered spammy). Keyword frequency is very important and care must be taken carefully .
Optimize the number of words for the article. It should preferably be at least 1000 words, but slightly shorter articles can do if needed and if they are written well .
Share your articles with social media and with the blog section of your website or in an article section that you have or information section that you have on your website .
Include visual aids, particularly infographics and optimize these with relevant file names, good title, captions and all tag .
Do not oversell your product or service. Google does not like this and the benefit of an objective article is lossed with those who read your article.
Keep tabs on your articles exposure and make corrections when needed .
Update older articles and blog posts with updated information and change the date to reflect the new info stale articles and blog posts will eventually die on the Vine if they are not maintained
optimize the articles using proper headline tags, alt tags, URL and keyword frequency.
Run your article through software that checks the overall SEO score of your article such as SEM rush or some other similar software .
If you’re not a professional copywriter you need to be careful that you do not do anything that will detract from your article success such as…
For more information on writing content, see our content marketing page .
Feel free to run your article by us for a quick check. Our professional copywriters … Show how good we are writing articles and that they should do it because it’s more trustworthy and we will do it properly.