Customer Retention and Upselling in Todays Competitive Markets

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most Internet marketing companies are focused on pulling in new business from search marketing but overlook the benefits of upselling to your existing customer base and developing brand loyalty.
It takes ten times more effort to get a new customer than it does to retain one. Regular communication will help to keep you top of mind and provide opportunities for upselling, keeping relevant and providing the latest solutions to any problems that you or your customer may have identified.
You should develop an internet marketing strategy that enables you to get more customers while retaining the ones you have. Otherwise, you will be continually scrambling for new sales, which is getting more expensive, and you won’t have anything in the pipeline to draw from.
Search marketing pulls in new customers to fill the pipeline with qualified leads. This takes a lot of effort and cost to convince people that your product is the best and sell them on your company or brand. Existing clients have already been sold on your company and products, you just need to make sure that your clients don’t wither away and die on the vine. Doing this would leave a lot of potential business on the table that could have been tapped into and believe it or not a good percentage of your customers want to hear relevant information from you about upcoming sales, product updates and news.
Just remember to ask your customers when making their first purchase to opt-in to your newsletter.

You can retain customers by keeping yourself top of mind with regular communication from email marketing (link to email marketing here) newsletters etc.